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German kitchens are probably the best made and most stylish in the world and systemat offers a wide choice.

systemat kitchens are characterised by being
• modern and design orientated
• elegant and homely
• honed through ‘traditional craftsmanship’,

The ranges of systemat say it all –

“Moderne”, “Eleganz” and “Ambiente”.

Whatever your passion and taste, systemat provides a whole raft of possibilities for you and your family. Systemat uses a variety of design mediums to enhance the look and style of your kitchen. Glass can make the room larger and lighter ; coloured worktops can co-ordinate or contrast other features ; different worktop sizes and shapes can create additional combination freedom.

Chris Jones - “systemat offers so much more choice with some extremely interesting ideas. As a company it appears to be well ahead in terms of accepting alternative design concepts. Working with systemat is always a pleasure and there always seems to be a bouncing off of ideas.”


Two hundred carpenters and wood technologists, all highly qualified and motivated, manufacture the most beautiful kitchens in the Zeyko plant in the Black Forest.

The Zeyko collection has virtually unlimited design possibilities regardless of your taste – traditional, classical or modern design – and you will always find one to suit your requirements.

Kitchens are once again becoming the scene of various household activities and today’s kitchen must fulfil these needs. Whether it’s cooking, eating, entertaining or plain daily living we all want to feel at home in the kitchen. A Zeyko kitchen can reflect your lifestyle by providing an attractive yet functional and practical answer to your needs.

Chris Jones – “Zeyko offer a wide variety of quality kitchens, but with that vast range their kitchens all have one thing in common – a natural atmosphere for enjoyment and relaxation. I have been actively involved with Zeyko for over fifteen years and customers really appreciate the care and attention to detail which is taken. The end result is always very satisfying.”

Scottwood of Nottingham

Scottwood combine the traditional skills of master cabinetmakers with twenty first century technology to produce Britain’s finest bespoke fitted and freestanding furniture.

Chris Jones – “Every Scottwood order is an individual commission where the kitchen furniture is tailormade precisely to the design chosen after discussion with us. This enables the customers to select the right kitchen to suit their home and lifestyle.

As master cabinetmakers Scottwood carefully select only the finest timber for the kitchen furniture using ecologically maintained resources. Cherry, oak, ash, maple and pine are used with an almost endless variety of finishes, lacquers and stains.


Siemens represents technological innovation, aspiration and style, manufacturing the very best in appliances for today’s homes.

There is a full line of superb appliances from built-in or free-standing units to F.A. Porsche designed small appliances and these are all at a price you can afford.

Siemens manufacture state of the art aluminium fridges and intelligent washing machines and all will add style and panache to your home.

Chris Jones has been recommending only the best appliances since he started in business when Adam was a boy.

“Siemens creates a partnership between technology and style and when you buy a Siemens you know you’re getting more than just a new appliance.”


Over 30 years ago Neff introduced its range of kitchen appliances to the UK and since that time the company has built up an enviable reputation for producing quality appliances that look great and cook efficiently and effortlessly too.

Chris Jones – “Owning a Neff oven has become a status symbol in the kitchen much the same way as having a Mercedes parked in the drive. As a company we have always offered Neff appliances to our customers because the choice is wide, they perform superbly and they just simply look good.”

Neff manufacture :
• built-in single and double ovens
• compact ovens and microwaves
• a wide range of oven accessories
• built in hobs and cooker hoods
• built in fridges and freezers
• built in dishwashers
• built in laundry appliances

Over the years Neff has continually led the way in producing innovative appliances designed to make life in the kitchen easier and more pleasurable.

Chris Jones – “The Neff range of appliances seems to be complementary to most of the designs which our designers prepare. We also know that Neff are constantly striving not only to produce the best but to introduce new ideas to benefit our customers.”

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